This Epic Disaster 13 – Tattoo You

On lucky Show 13, Rick tells you who the heck Paul Lander is and why you should follow him on Twitter. After a bridge fire and collapse last year and a water main break this week, Cheri and Rick decide Atlanta is experiencing the plagues of the Bible. Could frogs and locust be next? Cheri discusses a new concept for those interested in tattoos which may just open up the slimy gates to Creepyville. Rick makes a half-assed vow regarding a tattoo this summer. Maybe. Possibly. You all hear it here. This week’s Live Beer Review features Kamen Knuddeln by Against The Grain Brewery.

This Epic Disaster 12 – Searching For Chakras

Cheri went on a BIG DATE and is hesitant to reveal any of the steamy details so Rick resorts to begging. Rick loses a valuable email and then watches a video on chakras which sends him on a new age rampage. Our Live Beer Review is Brewer’s Release No. 01 by Service Brewing Company.

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Cheri’s Big Date

On next week’s episode Cheri reveals all the steamy details of her BIG DATE!

This Epic Disaster 11 – I’m Begging You

It’s February but already 80 degrees in Atlanta. Still, what happens in this podcast shouldn’t happen. I don’t know, I’ll leave it up to you to be the judge. Cheri prepares for another date and won’t reveal where she met the person, nor the person’s gender or species. Rick tries to get to the bottom of the situation. Rick wonders how the skull became the symbol of all things badass and decides it’s time for something else to take its place. Cheri thinks Rick’s reaction to panhandlers may be a bit extreme and offers some alternative actions. Rick is excited that two of the original Monkees are touring this summer and wonders if he should feel old now. Our Live Beer Review is G’Knight by Oskar Blues Brewery.


Getting ready to record and he looks like he wants me dead!

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The cartoon referenced in episode 10.


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