This Epic Disaster 18 – Crazy Lover Man

Rick makes an early confession, admitting he ate a whole lot of something he shouldn’t have, right before recording. The big This Epic Disaster Summer Playlist 2018 gets some new entries, including listener submissions. Go to our website and vote for your favorites! Rick discovers the rumours of the death of Craiglist’s “Missed Connections” have been greatly exaggerated and he introduces several new entries to the show. In doing so, however, he discovers a lonely lover man looking for a mate and he becomes quite concerned. As we all should. This week’s Live Beer Review is Southern Tier Brewing Company’s Imperial Blueberry Tart Ale.

This Epic Disaster 17 – Building the Perfect Summer Playlist

Cheri and Rick recover from last week’s disaster (what the heck was that??) and decide it’s time to start building the perfect summer playlist. Of course, no one wants to be forced to listen to just Cheri and Rick’s crappy music, so feel free to send in your own suggestions. Rick’s dog has a tragic encounter with a squirrel this week which makes Rick wonder if life is a bit easier for those ho have less compassion for animals. After a stressful week of being killed, Cheri and Rick discuss the things they do to relieve stress. Our Live Beer Review this week is Southern Barrel Brewing Company’s Frozen Barrel.

This Epic Disaster 15 – Chicken and Dumplins in Heaven

Cheri had some difficulties with her nuts this week and Rick tries really hard not to make a joke. Rick has lived the bachelor life all week long as his wife is away on a trip and spent all of the time watching 80s videos on MTV Classic. It lead him to create an Epic April Fool Listener Practical Joke that he pleads for all the listeners to join him on. Cheri is perplexed by the mysterious death of a stranger and wonders how it will effect her summer activities. Rick doesn’t understand what is going on in Heaven and is feeling stressed about it. He discusses facts about stress and how it is probably killing us all. Might as well join us in our Live Beer Review as we get blessed with Red Hare Brewing Company’s “Well, Bless Her Tart.” Thanks for hanging out with us, folks!

This Epic Disaster 14 – Young Romance, Old Leghumper

Stephen Hawking has left us and Rick has decided to start a petition to make his birthday a holiday. Unfortunately, only one person has signed the petition and it is Rick. Rick wonders why he and Cheri have no Wikipedia page. Cheri answers some of Rick’s new questions about last week’s tattoo story. Cheri and Rick debate how much age difference there should be between a couple. This week’s live beer review gets into it with Old Leghumper by Thirsty Dog Brewing Company.

This Epic Disaster 13 – Tattoo You

On lucky Show 13, Rick tells you who the heck Paul Lander is and why you should follow him on Twitter. After a bridge fire and collapse last year and a water main break this week, Cheri and Rick decide Atlanta is experiencing the plagues of the Bible. Could frogs and locust be next? Cheri discusses a new concept for those interested in tattoos which may just open up the slimy gates to Creepyville. Rick makes a half-assed vow regarding a tattoo this summer. Maybe. Possibly. You all hear it here. This week’s Live Beer Review features Kamen Knuddeln by Against The Grain Brewery.

This Epic Disaster 12 – Searching For Chakras

Cheri went on a BIG DATE and is hesitant to reveal any of the steamy details so Rick resorts to begging. Rick loses a valuable email and then watches a video on chakras which sends him on a new age rampage. Our Live Beer Review is Brewer’s Release No. 01 by Service Brewing Company.


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